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What services do I offer?
I can build just about anything that you might want in terms of free-standing furniture.  Items from 7' tall bookcases (click it) and armoires to small jewelry boxes (click it) and humidors.  In the instances where I cannot build what you're looking for, or do it at a reasonable cost, I'll be completely up front about it.  I'm not going to mislead you or try to cut corners to get your business.  I have no desire to build something on the cheap that will just cause us both a lot of headaches.  In terms of built-ins for your home, I can do smaller jobs on a case by case basis.  I am not setup to do kitchen cabinets or really large built-in projects.
also... pens & pencils... (click it)
I also turn custom pens & pencils with a bit of a flair.  These sell for $35 & $40 depending on the particular wood and make very nice smaller gifts for a boss, mentor, or good friend.
The bottom line is, I'm ready to go and available if you need something....
Why me?
Simply put, what I am offering is probably not like anything that you have been able to get before.  We are talking about custom high quality hardwood furniture and gift items built to your specifications at a very good price.  I don't think that you will find this in any chain or individual furniture gallery but if you do, it will definitely be more expensive.
Why do I say that "it will be more expensive"?
Again, I highly doubt that you will be able to find anything like what I am offering in a store, but if you do, you have to understand that they are selling their pieces at a price that pays for their overhead (mine comes with my house), their employees (well that's me), their design time (we're talking custom work here), their tools (don't forget handmade), and... makes a profit.  They are paying their mortgages and putting braces on their kids teeth by selling their wares.  I make a living as an engineer, not building furniture.  I don't need to charge exhorbitant rates to do what I do.  I'm going to be doing it regardless and as such am willing to do it for you at a much better rate.  I build furniture simply because I love to do it.
Do I offer anything extra, anything special?
This may seem a little off the beaten path, but the fact is that what you will get from me "can be" very special.  Things like jewelry boxes, spice boxes, hope chests, or humidors can be given as gifts on very special occasions to very special people.  I can produce a digital photo set that will document the production of the piece from the earliest stages of the raw rough wood, through all the construction, to the final delivery of the finished piece.  You can put the photoset in a book and give it along with the actual present.  I believe that this just makes the gift that much more special...  It makes the point that you had something designed just for them.  That's something that they won't forget.
Thank you for your consideration,
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