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David Coburn

   My name is David Coburn.  I live with my wife and three kids in Stonebridge Ranch of McKinney, Tx.  We came to Texas back in 2000 and have since brought one "real" Texan into the world.  We all love it here and it is now honestly called "home". 
   After high school I joined the US Navy and did a tour on the aircraft carrier: USS America - CV66.  I received an honorable discharge and went to work as an aviational tig welder.  After a few years some things fell together and I was able to go to college.  I received a BS and then a MS in Electrical Engineering and have been working as an engineer ever since.
   I've been building furniture for over 15 years and currently have a fully equipped shop where I can transform rough sawn lumber into nicely finished pieces of fine furniture.  I can work with you and your ideas to do custom design work or work directly from photo's or prints.  I have a broad range of experience in that I have designed and constructed small jewelry boxes and humidors all the way up to 7' tall bookcases and armoires.  I am not currently setup to do large scale kitchen cabinet projects but can handle smaller built-in jobs...  So go ahead and ask and we'll see if I can do it for you.
   I especially like the furniture designs of James Krenov as you can see in the projects portfolio section of this website.  I also like Stickley and the Greene brothers as well as the more simple straight lines in Shaker designs.  The net/net is that I simply enjoy creating fine furniture pieces (large and small) in fine hardwoods. 
   Traditional joinery, specially chosen hardwoods, quality brass & steel fittings, and a fine finish are the mainstays of every piece.  I often incorporate custom carving, inlay, and exotic materials when they are called for.  I use both up to date machinery as well as the hand tools that have served fine craftsmen for centuries to achieve the end result.  Furniture making is definitely a passion for me.  I'm not fast and I don't cut corners or skimp on the materials.  I love what I do and I think that every piece shows it. 
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